124 Lancaster Avenue, Malvern, PA 19355

Michele Matherly

Studio Owner, Certified Pilates Instructor

Michele has maintained a disciplined fitness routine since 2001. She participated in her first group fitness class in 1996 and spent 2 years working with a Shiatsu Master and Chinese Herbologist in Jupiter, Florida – that later fueled her interest in Eastern body work – exploring energy and healing in the body. She participated in her first mat Pilates class in 2002 and in 2010 began training on Pilates equipment.

Michele has trained with several different instructors to explore the diverse styles of teaching and studio practices. From that experience Michele is bringing to Pandia Pilates, her Malvern Studio, the best practices, routines, and lessons from some of the best Pilates instructors in the nation.

She teaches the Pilates Method with a mix of classic Pilates and contemporary Pilates. Michele puts a strong emphasis on working with her clients to help them achieve their goals despite various limitations that they may have; osteoporosis, injury, tightness, lack of flexibility, motivational factors, etc. She is an advocate for warming up the body properly before working out and being aware of your own body during movement sequence.

The Pandia Pilates experience will enhance your physical self and improve your overall health through personalized fitness, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and life coaching in ways you never dreamed of.


Shiatsu Practitioner – Level 1 & Level 2 Certification – International School of Shiatsu, PA
Aquatic Fitness Personal Training – Temple University, PA
Reformer 1 – Balanced Body University, NJ
Reformer 2 – Balanced Body University, NJ
Advanced Reformer – Ellie Herman Studios, NY
Trapeze Module 1 – Balanced Body University, NJ
Chair Module 1 – Balanced Body University, NJ
Barrel Module 1 – Balanced Body University, NJ
Exo Chair 1 – Balanced Body University, NY
Exo Chair 2 – Balanced Body University, NY
Balanced Body Barre – Zayna Gold & Portia Paige, Pilates on Tour, BBU, DC
Anatomy – Kane Institute of Core Integration, NY

On the horizon: Aromatheray – The Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies, Boston MA

Elizabeth Failor

about-elizFitness Classes

Elizabeth has been a coach for almost 15 years. She has extensive experience coaching individuals, people managers, and teams. She is currently pursuing a certification for Transformational Life Coaching. Her life coaching helps people effortlessly embody their true authentic selves so they can experience life with passion and purpose.

Elizabeth has transformed her own life through fitness, mindfulness, and lifestyle changes. She began an extremely disciplined fitness routine over four years ago and hasn’t looked back. She makes fitness a priority and finds time to exercise, no matter how busy she is or what’s going on in her personal life. She has also adopted a strict organic vegan diet that has leaned her body and flushed her system of toxins. Her lifestyle changes include wild smoothies daily, no meat/diary/eggs, hiking and group fitness classes. She is a great example of two classic adages – hard work pays off and it is never too late to start and fulfill your goals.

Elizabeth was a dancer in her adolescent and teenage years and has maintained an impressive range of motion and flexibility in her body. She brings a high level of intensity and fun to her classes. She possesses the skills to work effectively with all ages and all levels of fitness experience. She holds two Barre certifications from Booty Barre and Balanced Body University, Pilates on Tour. She is currently attending school for a Certified Life Coach designation through Leadership That Works.

Dan Mascioli


Dan has been riding since 1990. He was a member of several racing teams during his career, most recently Main Line Cycling and the legendary Cycles by Kyle team. He has toured the Romania Region of Italy twice for one month each. He completed the Centcols Challenge in Provance, France. This is the ultimate sportif event in Europe. Danny is currently leading a ride on Wednesday evenings at Performance Bikes in Paoli and if this there is one thing he is known for, it is his steady, strong, ability to climb. He has successfully cycled up the Bentoux and Galibrier in the Southern Alps.

Dan will be organizing some group rides for the Pandia clients, starting point will be Wegmans, Malvern and riding down the Chester Valley trail. Get ready to ride. This is for all levels, no steep hills and he will maintain a medium pace.

This is the ultimate spin class!


Whitney Perkins


Whitney started her love for movement and fitness at a very young age. She began ballet at the age of 3 and has been dancing for over 20 years. She was involved in competitive dance for over 5 years where she studied jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, swing, modern, and hip-hop in San Diego, California. During this time she taught both dance and cheerleading to girls ages 4-13. In 2007 she was named Head Dance Coach for Charter High School in Escondido, California, and in the following year, Whitney was invited to join an elite Hip-Hop Company based in San Diego. In college, Whitney had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and study jazz and lyrical dance at the Giordano Dance studio. Three years ago, Whitney began studying yoga and most recently Pilates!

She started taking Pilates lessons at Pandia Pilates and has been hooked ever since. She recently received her certification in Mat 1, Mat 2, and Reformer 1 from Balanced Body University, NJ and is pursuing her certifications in both reformer 2 and Anatomy from Balanced Body University, NY.

Whitney maintains a dedicated healthy lifestyle which consists of an average of 20 fitness classes per month and a strict food regimen. She possesses extraordinary strength which comes from hard work and focus. She is an inspiration to the young women who are seeking to make positive improvements in their life and she is a joy to be around. A true California girl ☺

She is looking forward to growing as a teacher at Pandia Pilates and believes that mindful movement can truly change people’s lives.




Anjali (PhD) has earned rich experience as a Professor, Corporate Trainer, Author, and Consultant in the field of Human Resource Management and Behavioral Science since 1982. She has been conducting Stress Management workshops for various corporations and government organizations, in India. As a Yoga Teacher, Anjali has conducted wide-ranging yoga camps for: staff, students, senior citizens, and the general public; independent yoga classes, various types of yoga training programs such as: Yoga Teachers Training Programs; Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) Teachers Training Program, Stress Management Training programs, and more, with much passion & zeal.

Anjali has a passion for holistic ‘Yoga-Way-of-Life, she has been practicing & instructing to live a wholesome life through the cultivation of a healthy body, mind and spirit! She is the master teacher of a stress management program called SMET. Self-Management of Excessive Tension (SMET) is a scientific, well-researched, simple, and easy to practice Yoga-based corporate training program (developed by S-VYASA Yoga University) with universal appeal for addressing the imbalances arising from stressful lifestyle. By tuning our bio-rhythm to its natural tranquil state, the program helps us to acquire the power to perform better, free from stress, relaxed and balanced.

• Easy postures with slow rhythmic breathing
• Releasing deep-seated stresses by step-wise journey into oneself
• 45 min. practical session of very deep relaxation and rest

Program Contents & Benefits:
Combination of well-designed theory and practice sessions, which trace the causes, manifestation, and philosophy of stress; training in three distinct methods of relaxation to enable the participants to develop their acumen to overcome stress. In SMET, a repetitive series of conscious stimulation and relaxation exercises are introduced, with awareness of breaths and body sensations. Successive stimulations and relaxations one after the other help to release stress at deeper levels of mind and body. The benefits of regular practice over time are relaxation of body, slowing down of the breath, calming down of the mind and sensitization of self-awareness. Combined with a holistic lifestyle, SMET generates very deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being to one and all; by bringing about inner harmony and the realization of a blissful state of being.